How to build a successful pitch presentation

Get balls deep in the task. Don’t back out – your success depends on your persistence, willingness to learn, and your ability to engage the audience. Keep the feedback loops open. Start the conversation.

Dr. Jake Halliday, President & CEO of the Missouri Innovation Center:

  1. Need
  2. Ability to Compete
  3. Get to Market Strategy
  4. Nature of the Company
  5. The Team
  6. Deal Terms (ROI, exit, how will funds be used?)

Can your company’s product be “The Gold Standard”? Compare and contrast with competing products.

Leverage existing systems. Size of addressable market. Start with open source, then move to proprietary platforms. An idea that people can latch onto.

  1. Problem ie. Need (Pain in the Marketplace)
  2. Solution
  3. Value Proposition

Panelist 3:

What is it that you’re offering?

Why is there a need?

Why should you be the one that we back?

And why now? Generate a sense of immediacy.

Panelist 4:


Rational – Mind – interest, belief, and trust

Emotional – Speak to the heart – create interest, enthusiasm, and exicitement

What does the business do?

What needs are addressed?

What’s unique about the product?

What’s proprietary or protectable?

How to surpass competition?

Who will lead the company?

What’s the get to market strategy?

How much progress has been made to date?

When addressing the size of the market, go step by step. Larger market, subsegments. Drill down to hella granular detail.


Talk to them like they’re your friends

Stop writing academically. Write for people.