pressing lights.

I think I got high last night.

I have never seen anyone using weed, at least not before setting off for college. There was an apartment party one night, and I smelled it more than anything else. I was tempted to give the stuff a shot, but neglected to do so on account of the fact that everyone else had finished smoking.

I started off the night by eating marijuana-laced mint chocolates. They’re melted down in a large container, at which point finely-diced pot is seeded into the liquid chocolate. Allow to cool, serve chilled. A rum-heavy mojito later and I was on the floor, smoking with everyone else. I felt the high after a while of not knowing what to look for, and then it just started hitting me in waves. I think it was the chocolate acting up.

So what happened? Everything went slow. Or rather, things were still going their normal rate, but I couldn’t take in every frame. I missed the occasional frame, so movement was filled with all sorts of fascinating stutters and gaps. And those lights, those damned lights. I was being forced down by them and I found getting up and off of the floor to be a struggle.

Yeah, that’s the end of the story.