iolite WISPR 2 Review

My Rating: ★★★★☆

SWIM bought a new iolite WISPR 2 in Pumpkin Orange in September 2013. This would, in fact, be SWIM’s second WISPR: SWIM owned the original iolite WISPR. SWIM has had experience with several vaporizers, but likes iolite because it makes the best butane-fueled product on the market.

SWIM’s one-liner review of the iolite WISPR 2

iolite WISPR 2 is a capable portable vaporizer that is a pleasure to use when it is working properly


The new iolite WISPR 2 arrives in packaging that is almost identical to the original WISPR. One thing that SWIM noticed was the inclusion of a grinder card with the WISPR design. SWIM has not used this, but likes its sturdy construction and found it thoughtful for iolite to include.

Product Pictures

SWIM was fascinated by the WISPR’s elegant construction when it first appeared on mainstream blogs.

iolite WISPR 2

Using the iolite WISPR 2

The iolite WISPR 2 arrives without fuel. SWIY needs to have butane on hand (hope SWIY bought some good stuff!)

The iolite WISPR 2’s fill nozzle is located on the bottom of the unit. iolite recommends:

  1. SWIY use only quintuple-filtered butane or better
  2. SWIY wait about fifteen minutes after fueling the WISPR 2 to allow the butane to come up to ambient temperature

The single switch on the WISPR 2 is used to start the flow of butane and to trigger the piezoelectric igniter.

It takes less than a minute from ignition for the WISPR 2 to reach vaping temperature.

SWIM fills the chamber halfway or so: SWIM has read reports that the WISPR 2 works best when there is some room left in the chamber for gases to move.

SWIY can start drawing on the mouthpiece once prepared.

SWIY should take care when handling the mouthpiece after a vape session as the metal parts will be hot.

iolite WISPR 2 Complaints

SWIM observed that it is difficult to tell whether the WISPR 2 is working correctly when outdoors. SWIM feels that the burn indicator on the WISPR 2 is not as bright as the one on the original WISPR. This presents a problem when using the WISPR 2 in certain outdoor settings (outdoor musical festivals). In quiet places SWIM can judge whether the burner is working properly by the tone of the whisper emanating from the WISPR.

SWIM has read reports that the WISPR 2 does not function at altitude.

iolite WISPR 2 vs. WISPR

SWIM experienced sporadic ignition issues with the original WISPR that were aggravated by use of cheap Ronson butane. SWIM obtained a replacement WISPR under warranty but was not happy with how picky the original WISPR could be about butane. iolite advises using quintuple (5x) refined butane with its products. SWIM has read reports of other WISPR owners ‘fixing’ their units by filling and subsequently purging with 5x refined butane.

In comparison, the new WISPR 2…

  • address ignition complaints that were frequent with the original WISPR: SWIM knows this to be true, because the WISPR 2 has had virtually no problem running cheap Bronson butane, whereas the original WISPR failed to ignite shortly after SWIM switched to the cheap butane
  • operates at a higher temperature than the original WISPR: SWIM has experienced increased vapor density compared to the original WISPR
  • features enhanced ventilation over the original WISPR: SWIM didn’t note drastic changes in this department, but has not done a direct tête-à-tête with the original WISPR

Comparing notes from the iolite WISPR & iolite WISPR 2 Instruction Manuals, the only difference worth noting is the increased operating temperature (increase from 190˚C/374˚F to 210˚C/410˚F)

Technical Specifications (WISPR 2)

Size and Weight
Length: 87mm 3-7/16″
Width: 70mm 2-3/4″
Depth: 29mm 1-1/8″
Weight (empty, with Filling Chamber): 128.6 g 4-1/2 oz
Operation Stats
Operating Time: 2.5 hours
Operating Temp: 210˚C/410˚F
Wattage (equivalent) 125W
Refill Time (typical): 10 seconds
Fuel Type: Butane Gas
Ignition: Piezoelectric
Herb Chamber: 500mg / 0.018 oz
Butane Tank: 4 g
Body: Ultem®1010
Flexible Straw: Silicone 9150
Herb Chamber: Stainless Steel
Heat Pin Chamber: Aluminum
Mesh Screens: Stainless Steel
Internal Plastics: Zenite®

Filtering Vapor from the WISPR 2 through Water

A couple of useful hints for anyone looking to rig their WISPR 2 to filter its vapor through water:

The outer diameter of the WISPR 2 mouthpiece is 5/16″
The tubing I have has a wall thickness of 1/16″, for an OD 7/16″

Using WISPR 2 with Oils

SWIM has observed a mention in the WISPR 2 instruction manual of an oil diffuser designed exclusively for use with WISPR devices, which is available to purchase on (iolite WS1-4 WISPR Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser ~$22). SWIM has not used this accessory as SWIM does not presently have access to concentrates or oils.

Other Accessories for the WISPR

iolite offers an optimizer accessory that increases consistency of heat distribution within the herb chamber by adding three additional pins, also available on (iolite IEP-008 Optimizer ~$19). SWIM notes that the optimizer has received mixed reviews, though it might be worth it for some.

Concluding Remarks

SWIY can buy the iolite WISPR 2 for $169 directly from the manufacturer, or . SWIM is enamored with the iolite WISPR 2, and will be keeping it for the foreseeable future.

If SWIY has benefited from reading this iolite WISPR 2 review or has any questions, don’t hesitate to ping SWIM with SWIY’s compliments or feedback.

Helpful Resources

iolite WISPR instruction manual (PDF)