The Best Task Chairs on the Market. Period.

This is not going to be a typical post. It aims to address two things:

  1. The Best Task Chairs on the Market
  2. Google Hummingbird, and what it may mean

The Best Task Chairs

Presented in no particular order and selected based on crowd wisdom. There are bigger lists out there with cheaper chairs.

  • Herman Miller Aeron
  • Herman Miller Embody
  • Humanscale Freedom
  • Steelcase Leap

Hummingbird and Task Chairs

A brief journey into the current state of web search: after finding this list of the best task chairs on the market today, I decide that I must gather some more information so that I can make a decision on which chair is best for me. I would enter the search with the aim of gathering as much useful information as possible — anything that can aid in making a selection.

This first link is an example of a webpage that would have done alright historically owing to its liberal use of keywords and links. Never mind that most of the presented content is likely the result of content scraping, which has been seeded with affiliate links. Such a webpage, given the right incentive and low advertising cost, can be a real money-maker.

A smarter Google will pay more attention to the manufacturer’s webpage ie.

It will also be able to directly interpret the data from sites like this:

The tangible benefit to search engine users being easier access to structured data in ways that add value. I am talking specifically of data presentation that is able to do a good deal of leg work.