Benjamin Franklin Style Decision Making

From the depths of my notebook comes a series of practical decisions that were of importance one year ago (February 23, 2013). They remain of importance today.

Question 1: Should I or should I not complete the MBA?

For Against
Additional exposure to business topics (marginal utility depends on remaining courses) Costs time and money to complete
More attractive candidate to big companies The degree may not be too useful if I go into business for myself
An additional degree Who fucking cares?

Question 2: What type of job should I look to find in the near term?

Brainstorming: Car sales

Within a couple of months of writing this, I ended up selling Mazdas for half a year.

Question 3: Should I join the military?

– What branch of the military to join?
– Enlisted or officer?

It emerged after a recent conversation with a Marine that the best way into the military for a degreed candidate would be OCS, and that the Marine Corps probably wouldn’t leverage my educational background as much as, say, the Navy. I was told to consider nuclear engineering for the Navy.

Other Decision-Making Tools

  • Multi-attribute optimization chart
  • Pugh method (Decision matrix method)