Given the relative popularity and success of the writeup that I did on solutions for adding Bluetooth to any A/V receiver, I decided two things:

  1. It makes sense to separate hardware reviews like my review of Belkin’s Bluetooth HD Music Receiver, from informative posts like the Bluetooth ‘article’ linked above.
  2. I should feel free to flaunt my relative expertise in consumer electronics (whatever my expertise is) for the benefit of myself and of the English-language using netizens finding their ways over here.

I have orphaned a great many posts on this site. There are some that I had grand designs for, and I’m somewhat dismayed that I’ve let them fall through the cracks a bit. However, I’m happy that I made the decision to post a good enough number, such that there are people who are visiting (and supporting my site through visits to!)

So, in celebration of the semi-successful format of the informative/review posts above, I’ve separated out my (still percolating) thoughts on whether the EatSmart Body Fat Scale is a Stinking Scam (or not?) from any content that serves strictly as a review of said EatSmart Body Fat Scale.

OK, done.