Ziploc V151 vs. FoodSaver for Sous Vide

Every time I find myself using water displacement to prep a Ziploc bag full of food, I fuss over whether the seal is going to hold. I know full well that my luck with conventional Ziploc bags will eventually run out. For instance, the other day, I used a gallon-sized Ziploc Freezer bag to contain pork spareribs that I left in the water bath for 72 hours. By the time that I pulled the bag from the water bath, I found that some of the cooking liquid had found its way past the seal.

This latest incident has led me to search for a suitable vacuum system. So far I’m surprised by the dearth of comparisons involving the Ziploc V151 and FoodSaver branded vacuum sealing systems.

The Ziploc V151 is attractive on paper because it comes in at a lower price point than any comparable FoodSaver model, is built in the USA, and features a manual sealing button, which allows for finer control.

FoodSaver is the reigning king of consumer-oriented vacuum sealers.

I expect that it will be an interesting topic to explore further.