Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer Has Arrived

The Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer (~$50, Amazon) I ordered has arrived, and I am ready to put it to use.

Update: I’ve published a review on the unit after using it for the past two and a half months

A couple of early findings:

  • The registration card makes reference to a V100, V250, and V350 series
    • CTI Industries recently (June 18, 2014) made a press release announcing the V350/V360 series
    • I found the Ziploc ZLV251 Vacuum Sealer (~$80, Amazon), though it took a bit of time to dig it up, and it has only got a single review on Amazon at the time of writing
  • The company that markets the Ziploc system is CTI Industries, and they have a microsite for the Ziploc Vacuum Sealer Systems at
  • The user manual included with the Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer is quite terrible, and I am surprised that it made it to print

Look forward to a complete review of the Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer System after I have put it through its paces. The review has been written and is available to view here. Additionally, I intend to produce some useful information on vacuum sealer bags.