Rush (2013)

A beautiful film, enthusiastically recommended.

I found the film on a list of the best movies of last year. I let it go unwatched for some time, not knowing just how good a movie about a Formula 1 rivalry could be…

I was riveted to my seat throughout. The pacing and plot of the story were fantastic.

Rush explores rivalry on and off the track, unlikely friendships, and passion.

James Hunt is portrayed as the extravagant playboy of Formula 1.

Niki Lauda comes across as intensely respectable and principled: he is disciplined and possesses superhuman grit, yet knows when to back off when the stakes are too high.

A strong story is helped along by beautiful cinematography.

I’m glad that I took the time to watch the film.

See if you can stream it online (Can I Stream It?) or go buy it on Blu-Ray.