April 14th, 2015

It’s 4:17AM, and my mind is racing.

There are so many things that I want to do, but precious few that I can see myself following through with. Let this be the start of something positive.

I want to share a little bit about my day and recent life situations, in part because I’d like to be more open. The thought even crossed my mind that I ought to try a vlog on YouTube.

I woke up early this morning – the last time that I got up before 9AM was on March 29th, and that was with limited sleep. I drank the last of the coffee that I’d gotten from Sprouts (April 1st), had a bowl of oatmeal, and started my day’s work.

During one break, I went through my emails. Decided to open up one that I had received from LinkedIn: a weekly digest, I think. I started reading a few short articles, before coming across one particularly good one by James Altucher entitled Time To Quit (not sure if this link will work for you if you’re not on LinkedIn)

I’d read some of James’s writing before, and it’s always been a blast. I remember seeing his AMA thread on reddit some time back, and thinking, “That’s one interesting dude.”

Only a handful of people know that I’ve been delivering pizzas. It’s no way for a grown man to make a living. I can understand someone taking on this job part-time to pay down debts, but there are countless better opportunities out there. More reflections on pizza delivery driving, later. Enough about that for now.

I made an appointment to take my car in for a four-wheel alignment. Knocked out the Texas state inspection while I was there, so I’m clear to renew the registration on my vehicle for yet another year. The car hadn’t been tracking right for the past couple of weeks, and I’m glad that I took her in. Rubber ain’t cheap.

Pulled the trigger on a parts purchase that I’d been putting off.

I also went to the bank to deposit most of the cash that I’ve been holding. All told, over $2,000. Two months worth of tips from delivering pizzas. The bank that I go to is no longer going to serve shared branching customers come June. Too bad – guess that things weren’t working out for them.

More clarity on what I need to do next. Received a text from IG at 10:07PM. Started writing about that chapter of my life (so far) while watching Fresh Off the Boat. Hardest I’ve laughed in recent memory.

On work front, very interesting development from Alice at 5PM. Kind of interested to see what happens next, but still need to wrap up phase one.

Oh yes, one more thing happened today. Early evening, around 7PM: WF stepped out to the backyard with Paul and Finn. Paul was barking at the neighbor’s dog, along the fence. WF called for me to come and see what Finn was doing (apparently aggressive posturing, which I missed), and I came out with some compostable materials for the tumbler. Paul went running up the fence again – the neighbor’s dog, whose head was poking through the fence, managed to make its way through the gap.

I’m suddenly dealing with a volatile situation. Paul runs, but he’s trying to outrun a full-grown GSD. I shout loudly at the dog – there’s no way I’m looking to see Paul get killed in my backyard. The dog gets very close to Paul on a couple of occasions, probably more curious than predatory, but I shout at it because I don’t fucking know this dog. Paul eventually makes his way over to WF, who picks him up. The dog sniffs Finn: Finn is visibly on edge and growls in response.

WF deposits Paul back inside the house through the back door, and we walk the GSD back over to the neighbor’s home. Turns out that the new dog was formerly his sister’s, and she didn’t like it. Still a goofy pup, but big enough to cause trouble. Useless off-leash, as evidenced by its running up to a man walking on the sidewalk across the road from us. Luckily, the guy didn’t panic. Just slowed down and pet the dog a bit.

Oh yeah: I’m not going to go work at the electronic cigarette store for $9 an hour.

Finally, talked with my parents today. I got on the phone with Marriott beforehand and succeeded in requesting my reward certificate’s expiration date be extended. We talked briefly about how I was doing, plans for what I will do next with my time. Mom offered that she would proof-read my writing. Looking forward to having the family together again, soon.