brief recap of the day.

Woken by doorbell: a man offering to mow my lawn.

Exhausted my supply of coffee beans.

Called Logitech customer service, and spoke with two different people on my previously-lodged case for 55 minutes. Received no favorable resolution, told that I could call a corporate number (510-795-8500) to escalate my case.

Called the number mentioned above. Spent fifteen minutes talking with some guy who told me that he couldn’t do anything for me. Got miffed, swore that I wouldn’t buy Logitech again, fumed about it a bit more.

Took out Paul and visited a nearby ecig store, where I tried some juices. I bought three small bottles, which should last me for a while.

Got a message from zachvice about doing the King’s Fall raid.

Had a burger, sitting outdoors with Paul.

Came back home and played Destiny until fairly late. Completed the King’s Fall raid with some guys that we picked up off of with a pretty average time of 2 hours, 17 minutes, and 43 seconds. Stuck around with zachvice after Neil hopped off. Wound up in a party with gstad, where I made mention of the million dollar point before turning off my console.

Decided later that this wasn’t really important for him to be messing around with – more important to gain experience, and have fun, without sweating it. Sent a message to him advising as such.

Began composing a long-form article about my experience with Logitech peripherals with the intention of sharing it so that it catches the eyes of some Logitech peeps, and doesn’t wind up getting lost in small bits and pieces.