Atlas Wristband Unboxing Photos

Atlas Wearables (@AtlasWearables) came onto my radar with their Black Friday launch of the Atlas Wristband (MSRP $249,, what they are calling “the world’s first Super-Tracker.”

As a fitness enthusiast and avid follower of the wearable technologies space, I came away favorably impressed from their site. So impressed, in fact, that I would come back to it a couple more times during the course of an hour, before finally pulling the trigger on a purchase (helped along by their 60-day return policy).

Then I waited. I received an email asking me to confirm my shipping address on December 14th, 2015, which I did a day or two later. I eagerly anticipated word that my Atlas Wristband was on its way, meanwhile spending time with my family, including an expedition to the devastatingly beautiful Big Bend National Park. And word did come, just as suddenly as the arrival of the package itself.

I had allowed my email to go unchecked, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a shipping confirmation message dated January 7th, 2016. I was even more elated to discover that the package had already been marked as delivered, and moved to retrieve it immediately.

With the long wait over, I present to you this series of unboxing photos of the Atlas Wristband. In the weeks to come, I hope to share my experience with the Atlas app and the Atlas Wristband. I’ll be evaluating its utility in Olympic lifts and some bodyweight exercises. Subscribe for updates, and until then, enjoy the photos!

What’s this?
It’s here!
Atlas Wristband box
Feature highlight – note the sticker (H₂O resistant up to 30 meters)
One last shot of the box before we get going…


… and we’re off!
Atlas Wristband exposed
also included: one micro-USB cable
the Atlas Wristband, freed of its packaging
Now to sync with the Atlas app
My Misfit Shine came off for a rare moment
Atlas Wristband back detail
Atlas Wristband in heart rate monitoring mode


On February 16, 2016, I revised the text “30-day money-back guarantee” to “60-day return policy” to reflect changes to the original offer by Atlas Wearables