My Sony Playstation Move Navigation Controller Failed …

it’s not dead!

I searched around for a bit to see if anyone else had encountered a sudden failure of their Sony Playstation Move Navigation Controller, and found this thread: sony nav controller wont charge (XIM4 Community). The red LED began blinking once again upon connecting the controller to a USB port on my computer. I’m confused because it had been plugged into the computer’s onboard USB when it failed. No matter. Crisis has been averted.

Leading up to the failure to charge, I’d hardly used the controller or the computer that it was connected to at all. I suspected the battery had drained

Note: The following is the original post. I moved it lower to avoid confusion

Well, it was a surprisingly short run.

It won’t turn back on after an entire night spent on a wall charger.

I aim to find out if it’s gone for good.