Order Placed: DynaTrap DT1100

I’ve been relying on the Flowtron BK-40D (Amazon.com) to whittle down the mosquito population here, but it relies on 1-Octen-3-ol (octenol) to attract the bloodsuckers. Problem is the Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus, Wikipedia) that’s prevalent here doesn’t care for octenol.

DynaTrap came onto my radar one day while I was surfing the web, and I was intrigued by its marketing claims. Aside from UV light, it relies on a catalytic reaction between titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating and UV light to generate CO2, which lures in all mosquitos.

I was skeptical of DynaTrap’s claims at first because I saw no way that TiO2 should emit CO2 in the presence of UV light. Some searching yielded the Honda-Fujishima Effect (sciencewatch.com/nobel/predictions/titanium-dioxide-photocatalysis), though threads like this one (eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=341328) cast doubt as to whether DynaTrap could possibly work.

I decided that I had best try a DynaTrap product (for science!), and selected the DT1100 (MSRP $139, Amazon.com) because of its convenient mounting options.

I will record whatever the DynaTrap manages to catch. Of course it may very well be snake oil, so I performed some legwork in the event that the DynaTrap just doesn’t deliver on its promiseā€¦

One reasonable alternative for luring Asian tiger mosquitos is Lurex3, a patent-pending product of American Biophysics Corp., the same outfit that produces the Mosquito Magnet.

Lurex3‘s active ingredient is L(+)-lactic acid. More information on Lurex3 starting from [0074] in US 20060127436 A1 filed by American Biophysics Corp. “System for trapping flying insects with attractant lures” (google.com/patents/US20060127436)

Orlando-based U-Refillit, LLC (urefillit.com) sells a variety of lures, including a three-in-one lure consisting of octenol, lactic acid, and ammonium bicarbonate that attracts both the Asian tiger mosquito and the northern mosquito (http://www.urefillit.com/images/AsianTiger.html)

Finally, an interesting read on the efficacy of various lures is available at alcs.ch/mosquito-attractants.html – the key takeaways: carbon dioxide is a very effective lure.

DynaTrap Official Website can be found at dynatrap.com
DynaTrap on Amazon.com
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