Who Is Alex Zheng?

Alex Zheng is a twenty-something who wears many hats. He spends his nights sleeping, and his days acting out the dreams from the night before.

Alex Zheng is a practicing freedom enthusiast who loves his city of Houston, TX. Though he refuses to be labeled, here are some of the things that Alex knows himself to be.


  • American Born Chinese
  • TCK
  • BAMF
  • technologist
  • inventor
  • lefty
  • photographer
  • writer
  • engineer
  • mechanic
  • driver
  • gamer

Here are some things that Alex has been called

  • a menace to himself, others, and society
  • a real nigga
  • an asshole
  • a genius

Born in Tulsa, OK, he claims Houston, TX as his hometown.

Alex has a great many loves and hobbies. He is amongst the most trust-worthy individuals that he knows. His goals are to become a recognized expert in a field while living a healthy life with good relations.

A note from the proprietor, Alex Zheng

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