Reflections on LTRs (2008 – 2012)

A long term relationship can be a wonderful experience.

General Reflections on LTR

  • Lots of consistent sex at expense of skills gained in pursuing new interests
  • Cohabitation is a double-edged sword: fostered development of household management skills and yielded consistent opportunities for sex, at expense of loss of personal space and greater friction when ending relationships
  • The relationship trap: Proper time management even more important once committed. I allowed other concerns to go unattended
  • Aggressive push for marriage is a red flag (LTR 1)

On Dating Foreign Girls

  • Home field advantage


  • She really did have my best interests at heart. She wanted me to value myself appropriately, and would often bring up social class
  • Supportive of my personal development and getting on with career
  • At the same time, she is not without her faults. Screaming at M (LTR 2) was a gross overreaction

Reflections on Self

  • Willingness to commit was too high, resulting in rapid descent into LTR as soon as I was seeing some measure of success in meeting new people