Petroleum Engineering Notes

Disclaimer: I was never been employed full time in the oil and gas industry, and I tanked every internship I ever had.

This is not to say anything about the quality of my notes – I took my studies quite seriously, and I believe that these notes will be highly beneficial to anyone who is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering or a career in the oil and gas industry.

My notes come from the four years of undergraduate petroleum engineering coursework that I completed at the University of Tulsa (2007 – 2011).

I have collected and digitized my undergraduate petroleum engineering notes. Here, you will find quizzes, homework solutions, past exams, and more. My handwritten petroleum engineering lecture notes are also available. Additionally, I have Excel files that I made to help me with homework.

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A closing note for now: I would like, someday, to make these notes available in a more conveniently-digested format. There are inherent limitations to PDF documents, least of all their filesize. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me.