Late Night Thoughts

In my own exploration of an escape route from America, I found this delightful headline:

“Man Thinking About Just Packing Up and Making Exact Same Mistakes Someplace Far Away” (The Onion)

feeling dissatisfied with his stale social life, his tedious dead-end job, and the monotony of his daily routine, he is on the verge of severing all ties to his current life

The article is also quite humorous.

I’ve been looking for ways to occupy my time. Working in a retail environment while having Paul keeping me company might be interesting.


I’d heard of this piece before, but saw one for the first time today.

NSFW language:

In other news, a lot of pizza delivery drivers smoke pot.

And Eckhart Tolle’s best-selling book, The Power of Now (, just might contain some wisdom in it …

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