Is Casual Sex Bad for You?

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova has some good things to say in this 18-minute long TEDx Talk at the College of William & Mary from 2015:

Some interesting outtakes:

4. There’s an orgasm gap

Armstrong et al., 2012, American Sociological Review
Gender No Orgasm Orgasm
Male 22% 78%
Female 58% 42%

The orgasm gap in romantic encounters is half as large as that in casual sex

“Judgment impaired due to alcohol or drugs is the number one reason for unwanted hookups – hookups you regret the next day … getting smashed? It makes you do things you didn’t want to do, with people you didn’t want to do them with. It diminishes your physiological ability to enjoy sex or perform sex … If you need to be drunk to be hooking up, you should not be hooking up at all.”

Ken Burns Washington University in St. Louis Commencement Address (2015)

I’ll repeat what I said to the gentleman sitting next to me at the commencement:

It’s good that an old white guy is talking about race in America

Burns delivers call to action to Class of 2015: ‘Set things right again’

The full transcript of Ken Burns’ commencement address can be seen here (Washington University in St. Louis Newsroom)

Vlog: pizza, beer, weed, and late nights + more | 20150427

In which I talk a bit about recent life situations. The + more refers to the two additional video clips that start at 3 min 41 sec, which come from 20150425. Talk about Asian Americans and the lack of positive Asian male representatives in Hollywood.

20150430 3:42AM Edit:

I’ve blurred a portion of the video upon request. 妈 + 爸, I love and cherish you two and respect your opinion.